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1. You reserve time for the first online consultation with our medical doctor via Skype.

2. You pay weekly subscription fee of 8$.

3. During Skype medical examination you describe your current medical condition.


4. Daily you receive a link for an interactive survey and after submitting it we send you our recommendations/  

During COVID19 outbreak visiting local doctor or hospital puts you in danger of getting infected. Unfortunately this it the origin of the highest risk of getting COVID19 if you do your best staying at home during self isolation.


On the other hand determining that you have COVID19 as early as possible allows you to apply for hospitalization and to prevent COVID19 complications. Majority of COVID19 related deaths originate from late hospitalization, when it is simply too late.


And of course it is too expensive and complicated to do the medical check for COVID19 everyday. 

Thats why we offer daily remote diagnostics for COVID19 symptoms and assessment of the risk of complications.


Everyday you receive a link for the interactive survey and based on your current medical condition, COVID19 exposure at home, at work, during traveling and/or applying for health care services during last 14 days you will receive an assessment of your daily risk of getting infected with COVID19.

If you have COVID19 symptoms based on your preexisting medical condition we will inform you about your risk of complications and urgency of hospitalization. After that you will be able to confirm COVID19 with a CT scan/COVID19 test or ask for emergency hospitalization straight away.

If you do not have symptoms, but you may be infected with COVID19, because you contacted possible COVID19 patient or visited places, where he or she may have been we will recommend to you to stay at home and avoid contacting other people and especially members of your family.  

We are a team of highly qualified medical doctors who are daily tracking the latest and most trustworthy findings in the field of COVID19 related research in order to provide you with the most precise online diagnostic system which currently exists in US.​

COVID19 is spreading and till 80% of the population will become immune to it you will be at risk. You can minimize your risk of COVID19 complications and risk of infecting your colleagues and family by doing a daily check with our online service.

The subscription costs just 8$ for a week. 

The only better way to diagnose COVID19 is a CT scan which you can do only in a hospital. Therefore we suggest that you do a daily check with our online COVID19 remote diagnostics.

Providing you with the best doctors for the best care

Dr. Andrew Khan

- Early diagnostics of COVID19 is the most important factor, which determines life prospects and quality of life of coronavirus patients. Online medical exam is an effective and affordable option, which makes earlyCOVID19 screening a must for any one.

Dr. Amelia Write

- Roughly every fifth patient with COVID19 will need hospitalization. The only way to diagnose it at an early stage is to attend a regular medical exam, but a lot of patients will get COVID19 during their visit to the hospital even if they did not have it in the first place. Our online diagnostics and examination service provides an opportunity for every one to conduct such check at a fraction of a cost at any time which may be convenient for you.  

Dr. Anthony Robins

- We help patients from all over the world to go through their daily COVID19 checks online regardless of the geography and location, where they live. Our online service provides top quality medical care regardless of presence or absence of specialized COVID19 diagnostics center in 500 miles radius around your town of residence.

For just 8$ a week

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